15 Things To Remember When Hiring A Commercial Window Tinting Company In Canada


Why hire a commercial window tint company in Canada? Commercial window tinting is an important step in maintaining your business’s security and curb appeal. It can help improve energy savings, protect against UV damage and reduce vehicle maintenance. There are multiple commercial window tinting options available for businesses which vary by performance, durability, look and cost. The right one will depend on a variety of factors including building size, lighting levels, climate, and window shape. Most commercial establishments have some windows that are easier to tint than others, so consider the following when you’re deciding on a window tinting company.

1. Security

Security measures should always be the first thing to consider when planning business window tinting projects. You’ll want to ensure your window tinting contractor has appropriate insurance and license (depending on where they do work) and if you need any special security equipment installed. For example, some contractors use metal detection tools to ensure no one enters through a ground-level skylight or vent. Be sure to understand what options you have before hiring them.

2. Durability

The longevity of your commercial window tint project depends on the quality of the product as well as how you maintain it. Some window films will yellow over time and lose their shine while others actually darken with age. Make sure your windows are well maintained throughout the life of the installation, but also keep in mind that the film itself might require more frequent replacement depending on usage and environmental conditions.

3. Energy Efficiency

Energy conservation is a major part of protecting your business’s bottom line, so it’s important to get the best performing glass possible. Depending on your type and location of business, energy efficiency can come down to several things. Firstly, make sure your windows are properly sealed. Secondly, look into any special requirements that apply to energy saving products such as low-E glass. Lastly, don’t forget to think about the lighting around your office. Low-E glass works great with higher light levels, but in certain locations (like conference rooms or areas with large groups), less intense lighting may actually offer better results.

4. Appearance

Most people notice the business from the street, right? Your windows play a key role in this, and even subtle changes in appearance can go a long way toward making your establishment stand out. A professional exterior window tinting company can provide a clear solution for this issue! They can create custom-made designs to match your brand identity, using high-end technologies like laser engraving and LED displays to customize everything from your logo to the glass tint itself.

5. Customer service

A reputable business will take the time to find out about your company and needs, and then offer solutions accordingly. Whether its the initial phone consultation or ongoing service recommendations, good customer service goes a long way. Also, never sign contracts without having the opportunity to review them first. If that doesn’t happen, move on to another expert.

6. Safety

Safety concerns should always be taken into consideration, especially given today’s changing climate and the general state of crime across the globe. Ask questions regarding what safety precautions their employees take to prevent injury during the job as well as how they secure their trucks and equipment. Ensure your contract stipulates any necessary permits (insurance, workers compensation and business licenses). A reputable business will have all the proper documentation in place to show how the installation was done too. Finally, remember that while window tints are generally safe, many still contain chemicals that could harm your customers or employees if used incorrectly. This is why safety training is offered to everyone who comes into contact with your tinting services.

7. Warranties

Warranties often refer to the amount of time the manufacturer gives you to replace or repair defective materials or workmanship. Warranties usually run for a certain period of time and cover different kinds of issues (e.g., normal wear and tear, defects, fading, fading/scratches, etc.). Check and read your product’s warranty carefully before making a decision and ask about lifetime warranties if you feel uneasy with the length of coverage.

8. Quality

While high-quality window tinting products are certainly something every business owner wants, there are other benefits to choosing a commercial tinting company that offers top-notch workmanship. For starters, not only does professional window tinting installers know how to correctly measure and cut your glass accurately each time, but they have experience with various styles of glass products as well as special requirements. Additionally, most reputable tint companies are equipped with the necessary technology to achieve highly accurate measurements and cuts using advanced cutting methods such as plasma cutting and diamond blade cutters. This ensures a superior product at a fair price tag.

9. Cost of window tinting services in Canada

Cost should definitely be considered along with quality in making your final decision, though there are more affordable options if you compare prices. Some window tinting contractors will quote the total job costs and then tack on additional charges for supplies, labor and other hidden expenses if your estimate requires modification. Most firms can provide estimates based on square footage, number of windows, the type and thickness of film applied (UV blocking vs. glare reduction), and window configuration. However, it pays to shop around and ask lots of questions to avoid being blindsided by unexpected costs later on.

10. Timeliness

Be sure to ask about the expected completion date for your commercial window tinting project as well as any deadlines set by your building manager or property owner. This will give you a rough idea of whether or not your window tinting contractor is able to meet your deadline expectations. Keep in mind that a window film isn’t finished until it’s fully cured, which means waiting times will vary from firm to firm.

11. On-going care

Many reputable window tinting firms provide on-call service options as well as ongoing maintenance advice for free. Not only does this allow you to monitor a completed job for its effectiveness, but it also allows them to spot issues early on and correct them before they become bigger problems. For example, if you notice your existing window tint looks faded after installation, have the company repaint it immediately. Faded windows aren’t just unattractive – they actually decrease visibility and could pose a serious liability risk.

12. Reputation

Reputation is the ultimate indicator. Find reviews online or talk to other business owners who have hired their services. Ask to speak directly to clients who have had positive experiences with the company. Then, you’ll finally be sure to find a reputable and reliable commercial window tinting company in Canada

13. Availability

If the contractor you’re considering doesn’t offer this option as standard, ask what it takes to add it now since it may impact your budget significantly.

14. Licensing / Insurance

In addition to obtaining a working permit (which varies from province to province; check your local government agencies), verify that your potential contractor holds and maintains the appropriate insurance, as required under provincial laws, for their employees, customers, and vehicles. Also determine if they have been properly licensed with all municipal organizations including but not limited to police forces. This information is readily available online so be thorough in your search before you choose a company.

15. References

You should try to call past clients or employers to get a sense of the quality of work. Many window tinting companies will gladly send you a list of references. These include names, addresses and phone numbers and can be found easily through the Yellow Pages or Google. Also, ask for details regarding their previous installations, what their work history was exactly (i.e. did they have multiple jobs, etc.) How long ago were those jobs performed? Did they get your permission ahead of time? Did they charge an hourly rate or an entire job price and what were the circumstances (if that’s the case)? This should give you a better idea of how much they charge per hour, what their time frame is, and whether or not your job will be a hassle for them because of their current workload.


Before taking the leap to hire a new commercial window tinting company in Canada, do yourself both your business and shop around to see if there are similar services available right in your neighborhood. Take some time to research their reputation online and talk to other businesses in your area to get a clear understanding of what you should expect from them and be prepared if anything goes wrong due to their lack of expertise.

Once you’ve decided to go with a particular firm, follow these steps when you call different commercial window tinting companies in your city:

1. Ask a few questions.

Get the specifics on costs and guarantees. Are there extra fees for additional windows? What percentage of their profit do they retain? Do they do any job prep work for your windows? What kind of payment plan do they offer? Will you incur any sales tax or sales duty? Do they ship or deliver to your commercial location? Do they provide installation instructions? What is their guarantee? If not stated, ask.

2. Get specific details of the project they propose.

Is the tint uniformity guaranteed? What happens if they’re off by 2% from their stated percentage? Does the installer need your signature or business card after the job is complete? Is the window tracking? Will the installer clean up or dispose of trash they leave behind? Will your property be left undamaged after the installation?


To summarize, if you have any doubts about a window tinting company you’re interested in hiring for your commercial window tinting project, speak with someone else in your area to get an idea of what’s out there. Make sure they are experienced enough to handle your needs and confident enough to back their proposal. If you’re in need of commercial window tinting services, please consider the window tinting specialists at tinting titans. From commercial fleet wrapping to customizing window tinting solutions for your new office space, store-front or building we do it all. Call 1-888-600-9058 & speak to a commercial window tinting specialist in your city today!

List of Canadian Cities Where Best Commercial Window Tinting Services Can Be Accessed

Top 10 Ontario Locations

  1. Commercial Window Tinting Toronto
  2. Commercial Window Tinting Ottawa
  3. Commercial Window Tinting Barrie
  4. Commercial Window Tinting Mississauga
  5. Commercial Window Tinting Hamilton
  6. Commercial Window Tinting Burlington
  7. Commercial Window Tinting Oakville
  8. Commercial Window Tinting Vaughan
  9. Commercial Window Tinting Markham
  10. Commercial Window Tinting Waterloo
  11. Commercial Window Tinting Whitby
  12. Commercial Window Tinting Ajax
  13. Commercial Window Tinting Pickering
  14. Commercial Window Tinting Richmond Hill
  15. Commercial Window Tinting Newmarket
  16. Commercial Window Tinting Aurora

Top 5 Alberta Locations

  1. Commercial Window Tinting Calgary
  2. Commercial Window Tinting Edmonton
  3. Commercial Window Tinting Fort McMurray
  4. Commercial Window Tinting Red Deer
  5. Commercial Window Tinting Lethbridge

Top 6 British Columbia Locations

  1. Commercial Window Tinting Vancouver
  2. Commercial Window Tinting Victoria
  3. Commercial Window Tinting Kelowna
  4. Commercial Window Tinting Abbotsford
  5. Commercial Window Tinting White Rock
  6. Commercial Window Tinting Nanaimo

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