11 Reasons Decorative 3M Vinyl Wraps Are Best For Vehicle Fleet Wrapping


It turns out that wrapping all of your fleet might not have the most effective ROI. “We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you may still be doing it wrong in your fleet! And now is as good a time as ever to get started on your wrap project.” This quote highlights one of the benefits that we can see right from our customer’s testimonials. There are more aspects to fleet wrapping than simply putting up a vinyl sticker on the side of a car or truck, and that is important to understand. The more aspects there are, the higher-value 3M gets – but here are the specific aspects highlighted by 3M on its blog:

Here are the 11 Reasons Decorative 3M Vinyl Wraps Are Best For Vehicle Fleet Wrapping

11. Decorative 3M Vinyl Wraps Give Consistent Brand Exposure

Vinyl wraps bring the world of branding to life…even for those that are unaware that they’re wrapped. Just a few short years ago, the only place that drivers could spot branded branding was on their windows… now it lives all over inside and outside their vehicles. A driver who spots that red brand logo on any vehicle at any point, day or night when driving through town or on a highway drive will think, “Wow, that’s a very well put together dealership.” That’s great advertising and branding – all rolled into the purchase process instead of just plastered on the driver’s window… which, let’s face it, isn’t the first place anyone looks when considering purchasing another vehicle.

10. Flexible Packaging Allows For Easy Installation

Wrapping vinyl vehicles was once considered a specialized service done only by fleet carriers, but thankfully it’s become much easier, allowing businesses of virtually every size to step foot in the “Fleet World” and take delivery of the high quality vinyl vehicle wraps they’re looking to advertise themselves. You don’t need to worry about how long the job will take if you’re working with the correct vendor – this aspect alone makes wrapping vehicles so attractive to small businesses. Small business owners are notorious for saying “yes!” because in addition to being flexible on a variety of other elements concerning their fleets like color matching and material specifications, and because their budgets are generally tighter than large organizations’. But when it comes to wrapping cars in bulk lots, 3M has made wrapping vehicles and business’ around the globe much easier.

9. Consistent Durability Ensures Your 3M Fleet Graphic(s) Will Last Long

Vinyl wraps are the best, non-permanent and permanent materials available to promote your business’ name and services. In large areas such as Texas where our customers work with us, a well placed vinyl logo from multiple 3M vendors is almost always noticed even when parked alongside thousands of other vehicles. Even when someone doesn’t see the vehicle or realize that it is branded, they’ll likely remember what “that dealer’s logo looked like”. So imagine someone walking down an aisle while shopping at the local retail store and noticing something cool in front of them? As shoppers begin to wander down the length toward the brand, imagine the likelihood it will make them stop and ask the salesperson what that item costs – and where can they buy it from? It happens to all of us on occasion. Imagine if that happened dozens of times a week… at each store all the way throughout their entire journey that a shopper walked along?

8. Custom Vehicle Fleet Wrapping With Custom Aesthetic Design

It used to be that if you wanted a certain vinyl wrap pattern, design, text colors, material or even the amount that the graphics printed onto your car, you had limited options… unless you were willing to pay for a full color wrap on a piece of 1/4 inch coroplast (or the expensive $100+ vinyl wraps). But nowadays, there’s literally hundreds of different designs available from 3M and our customer friendly design consultants. We recently designed this gorgeous black text “Drive Safely With Us Today” graphic for a client that worked well on his Mercedes Benz – just one example of many choices available when designing the perfect message for your fleet.

7. 3M Vehicle Fleet Wrapping Ensures Brand Protection

Vinyl vehicles offer the protection against dirt, weather, scratches, chips and pealing that no “adhesive” vinyl wrap can offer. If your vehicle does end up getting vandalized, all of the adhesive does is tear the vinyl off without actually offering real value. No “vandalism insurance” needed. The 3M brand offers real protection and value in your fleet whether it’s for a single vehicle or hundreds. 3M has even created special wrappers to protect against snow!

6. Wrapping A Large Fleet = Great Value

3M offers low price per mile pricing, making it easy for fleets with more fleets to save money on their wrap projects by dividing it up among multiple companies and saving on their own pricing. Many fleets spend $150-$400+ per unit when they get wrapped, depending on brand choice and size. Some vendors charge upwards of $100 dollars to print “non-branded” decals from color printers, in some cases requiring the customer to install the same decal on several vehicles while others allow unlimited decal placement within a unit or for vehicles. On top of the extra labor needed (at a minimum) for installation, you then add $40-$50 to the cost for decal removal when customers get their stickers back after the sale and decide to move on to another brand. With these additional fees and an overall per unit pricings can easily exceed $500+ when you consider a unit sold and that price spread among multiple units!

5. 3M Decorative Wraps for Vehicle Fleets Offer Brand Based Personalization

If you want your fleet wrapped, the only thing holding you back is budget. While vinyl wraps are far cheaper than custom painted vehicle wraps, it’s often prohibitively costly to personalize a wrapped vehicle or fleet. Custom paint applications often include multiple layers, specialized materials, complex artwork, custom text and logos printed directly on a car or trucks paint that take weeks for skilled painters to complete. It’s not hard to imagine why this type of project is also the least affordable option. Unfortunately, many people in business believe the most practical solution has been a “one and done” approach. It’s understandable to try and simplify the budget for your fleet by taking the cheapest path possible – but we know different – vinyl vehicle wraps should definitely be included in your wrap budget. Our customer focused approach means you never pay anything close to the actual cost for professional printing and installation. We always give you a great deal per square inch.

4. 3M Vehicle Fleet Vinyl Wrap Color Options

You have the ability to choose from an incredible array of vinyl wraps including various patterns, colors, patterns, sizes to fit nearly any size vehicle and shape or any theme you’d like your fleet wrapped. Unlike the vast majority of our competitors who offer only “brushed” or “matte’ finish vinyls, we offer both “brushed” and “matte” finishes, meaning that customers can choose either for the look that enhances the paintwork of both vehicles. This gives our clients a broader range of style selections that they previously couldn’t choose from. We also offer a wide range of textures ranging from “sandblasted”, “poured”, “matt black”, “high gloss matte”, among dozens of other choices. Even if you do find that a certain texture would look fantastic in appearance yet be impractical to apply to your fleet – for example, our new “ultra black gloss” would go awesomely with our Mercedes B logo you saw in earlier testimonials…we have a large selection of textures that will compliment any type of vehicle – and yes; it’s possible that “your fleet” may get a little bit dirty with time when in the field. But unlike vinyl adhesives, which literally remove itself (and the residue) from the vehicle when removing or replacing. All 3M products leave behind nothing and everything will stay perfect – just like it did before you wrapped it.

3. Quality Vehicle Fleet Wrapping

Unlike most competitors, we only sell vinyl “wraps” manufactured using quality vinyl materials. Most companies sell a broad range of “wrap products” and “clear films” that can be applied in varying thicknesses to vehicles ranging anywhere from as thick as.125 inches to as thin as.03-.06. Most competitor “products” are composed of either laminated pieces of fabric that come pre-cut into various shapes and sizes. They don’t last long after wrapping and typically have to be cut, trimmed and replaced by professional installers after being purchased by the vehicle owner. Vinyl wraps offer the benefit of lasting for years compared to traditional “adhesive” vinyl wraps which only exist as long as the owner keeps their adhesive. In addition to being very durable and long lasting, our vinyl wraps offer the same easy application as normal wraps. You only need 2 hands! As soon as the client purchases their wraps, we’ll send over a video explaining how to remove the wrap in less than 10 minutes for a free lifetime replacement. (See our customer reviews!) Because our “quality product” comes in so many styles we make it easy for you to match your fleet to your company.

2. Easy Install = No Headache

Because we offer a full line of highly detailed and intricate vehicle wraps that are specifically made to conform to the contour of your vehicles surface, the entire process of applying the wrap is easy – literally only two people needed. You can apply the wrap by yourself during business hours with virtually no stress. There is literally almost zero prep involved aside from pre-trimming around window frame so that the tape sticks straight to clean glass or even cutting any holes that the previous manufacturer didn’t provide you with (many manufacturers simply print the logos and the only information provided is the number of locations allowed; leaving it up to the vehicle owner to determine if these are correct for their vehicles, or even necessary!). If you happen to remove your adhesive sticker, no problem! Just remove any residue and reapply when business gets going again. At least 90% of the time our clients that purchase wraps for their whole fleet come back to us for other jobs in the future and recommend us to friends. That’s hard to come by in this industry at the lower prices that we offer. (We won 4 national awards last year alone.) A lot of our new business is due in part to word of mouth referrals. When those customers become repeat clients because of the ease of installation, you’ll discover how much easier selling becomes.

1. Superior Customer Support / Service

The people in our customer support department are absolutely amazing because they truly care about the success of our customer service programs. It’s rare for any one of us to call each other and ask where I should put my wrap order….we’ve come to learn it’s pretty simple! One of the keys to our success lies in the knowledge of our employees as every aspect of the business flows through this small group of people that handle day in and day out. These employees are in the trenches everyday solving problems, supporting our customer base, creating our promotional campaigns and building relationships. So if you are ready to take the leap, it helps to get input from people that know – it’s easy to talk about things that we think could be better but they understand the inner workings of the 3M Wrap Business. So when they hear of a way to improve upon an internal process so we can all work smarter together – we jump on it. Even if it’s simply improving or simplifying an email template, or creating new web forms to ease the pain of purchasing our wraps. One of the greatest gifts that 3M employees receive is working with the clients of 3M. For those that choose to keep our branding inside their window frames, we even make special offers so that you get special pricing based on the total square footage you cover that month. If you are reading this now, it probably means we got your first order right! A lot of our new clients start as “3M enthusiasts” and love the products as they enjoy the benefits so much that they choose to recommend our products.

If you’re looking for 3M vinyl wraps or decorative vinyl wraps for your commercial trucks or vehicle fleet, or if you just require paint-protection services for your personal vehicle feel free to reach out to a tinting titan location, and one of our 3M specialists will help you customize a professional wrapping service that will represent your brand to perfection.

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